My Mayan Wedding | Catering
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Flavors of the Sea and the Earth

It is an external and professional service of food and beverage supplies. Most private locations allow external vendors of such services. The food and service offered at a wedding are very important, we provided vendors with experience in this type of events.


Usually a wedding catering begins with refreshing beverages to welcome guests, and once the ceremony is over, a cocktail is offered with a variety of options from personalized cocktails, international or Mexican canapés, and during the reception for dinner the chef offers a 3 or 4-time dinner with variety of dishes, could be Mexican cuisine, International or buffet service, seafood or personalized menus according to the needs of the bride and groom.


We always offer a tasting menu to the bride and groom so that they can comment on the food and detail the aspects of the taste according to their taste.


It is important that the Chef knows if there are guests with special needs as they can be; allergic, vegetarian, or some other type of diet.