My Mayan Wedding | Ceremonies
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Type of Ceremonies

Mayan Ceremony

It is a symbolic ceremony, which is very spiritual and has no legal value. It is led by a Mayan Shaman, this type of ceremonies includes natural elements that are describe below; the ceremony starts with the sounds of a sea snail and the smell of Copal (tree resin) , after that the Shaman make some prayers to the four cardinal points and then is performed the ceremony , the offering to the gods, the exchanged of the couples vows, and there is a blessing with flowers and seeds ,then they put together their hands and drink Balché (Mayan drink), the ceremony concludes with a flower bath; receiving a blessing from all your guests.


Estimated time of ceremony; 30 minutes

Legal Marriage

It is of a legal nature, through a Judge of the Civil Registry. It is the only one that is recognized internationally; (do not forget that your Mexican Marriage certificate must be authenticated in order for it to be valid in your country). Otherwise, it will not be accepted as “Legal Certificate of Marriage”. The paperwork must be carried out in Mexico. (Apostille)


There are different requirements according to the type of marriage (Foreigners or Mexicans) Contact us for more information and requirements.


Estimated time of ceremony; 15 to 20 minutes


It is the union of the spouses in the eyes of God, the most common is the Catholic marriage, but we have participated in other religious such as; Christian, Protestant, Jewish, Muslim, etc.


The Catholic Church of the Prelature of Cancún-Chetumal has determined that only may be held the Sacrament of Marriage in authorized chapels, for this purpose, according to the decree for celebrations of marriage.


Estimated time of ceremony; 1 hour


Contact us and we will tell you the entire necessary requirements.


They do not have legal value to the state or the church, it can be directed by a minister of peace or by a family member or close friend to the family, does not belong to any type of religion, they are ceremonies that adapt according to the necessities of the couple. An example of this type of ceremonies is the sand ceremony which symbolizes the Union of two families.


Estimated time of ceremony; 15 to 20 minutes

Renewal of Vows

Couples who decide to celebrate their union again because they have been together for several years, these are symbolic ceremonies that are accompanied by their children and close relatives of the couple.


Estimated time of ceremony; 20 to 30 minutes