My Mayan Wedding | Floral Design
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Fill Your Ceremony With Colors

One of the most important thing, as it is the main complement that highlights the decorating details. The different options of flowers and colors that can be handled throughout the year are endless.


Bride bouquets, corsages for moms, crowns for little girls, arrangements for mass, bamboo gazebos for ceremonies on the beach, centerpieces according to the theme of the wedding, etc. A lot of options that can recreate unforgettable environments.

Aspects that the Flower Designer needs to know:

Know the location where the wedding will be held, to know the needs that the place needs.

Budget destined for this item.

There must be a close relationship and good communication with the bride, floral designer and the wedding planner.

Color palette chosen by the bride .

Style and ambience chosen by the bride to make the floral design according to the theme.

Know what flowers are the bride's favorite.